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One of the best priced memberships in Alberta and two locations for your shooting enjoyment.










2021 Range Memberships are required to use ranges.

Annual General Meeting is cancelled due to covid-19

Current executive positions will remain in place until further notice and the ability to conduct executive meetings resumes.


Athabasca Gun Club Range is now open dealing with COVID-19. THIS IS NOT A JOKE AND IT'S NOT OVER.

The Range will open under these rules:



These rules are NO JOKE. Break them and you are done for good. Membership cancelled no refund.

If you are not able to get on the range stay in your vehicle away from others.


Sign up waiting sheets on the large posts just inside each range Bring a pen.


Bring your own sanitizing materials.

If you cannot get into the range call Steve at 780-689-0724 or text me Jim 780-499-1017

Do not shoot before 10:00 am any day. Neighborly courtesy and good will people have quiet time too.


New Barrel Limiters have been installed on the rifle range, use them or loose opportunity to shoot here as I will cancel your membership. If you don't want to use them I will pro rata refund your membership so you can shoot elsewhere.


We are happy to advise that the cost of a Senior lifetime membership has been reduced from $750 to $500

Hopefully this helps some of our seniors consider the lifetime membership.


New Barrel Limiters have been installed on the rifle range.

They are there to assist in over shooting the backstop. If we do not use them we risk having the range shut down.

So instead of yanking out all of the tubes why not give them a chance, they are PCV so they will not rust or damage your firearm. The only thing left to do if people do not assist wit this is to close the range except when certified range officers can be on duty. This will severely limit the hours of the range. 

You are all range officers in spirit to the range, if you see activities and know that should not be going on then say something or call range management. If you don't then you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. 





Although we have extended the rifle range hours to 8:30 during the summer months we ask that you be courteous to the neighbors and cease shooting at sundown.

The sound carries much farther during the winter months when there are no leaves on the trees.

After May 1, of the year extended shooting 

hours will contine to 8:30 daily.











New range hours in effect.

In order to keep our neighbors happy and give them some quiet time the new range hours are:

Winter hours - Oct. 1 to Mar. 31 - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Apr. 1 to Oct. 31 - 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM




Trap Range Fun Shoot information at bottom of page


Click here for Firearms safety Training 



We are building a emailing list of all members

 with email addresses reported to us. To be added to the list email here with the word "Subscribe" as your subject. You can also unsubscribe by emailing here as well and having the subject being "unsubscribe"

Click here to either subscribe or unsubscribe

Renewal forms are located 

near the bottom of the page.



Vandalism Reward - $2,500

For information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person or persons damaging range facilities and equipment. ______________________________________________


We have New and Improved Range Signs














Over the last summer season many range improvements have 

been made for your shooting enjoyment.








*All new rifle range shooting bench tops and seats with routed edges and finished with epoxy paint.

*New target stands at 50 yard sight in, 100 and 200 yard targets. Cor-plast which is like plastic 

cardboard has been used as it does not shatter when hit by bullets and is lighter than plywood.

*I have provided vinyl target patches in Black and white so a person can cover holes in the cor-plast and on their 

targets at no charge to the range as well as push pins located on both the rifle and pistol range.

* Brooms and Dustpans have been supplied on both Ranges for cleaning up range brass.

* Pails for collection of range brass have been provided to keep brass out of the garbage.

* Squib / Fail to fire disposal bins have been provided to increase safety.














* 25 plus Metal targets of different sizes have been fabricated for the pistol range to be shot at with

.22 rifles or handguns only.  We will repaint the targets when we are there but it is best to bring your

own white paint. Canadian Tire sells cheap paint for $2.49 per can.

New top rails have been manufactured out of Metal to resist bullet impacts of pistols and 

small caliber rifles. Please as the signs indicate no high power rifles on this range.

Addition of Archery Target Area

A large stack of hay bales with hanging conveyor belts behind them can now be used for Archery,

it is faced away from the main clubhouse and is at 25 yards. All a person needs to do is bring their

own archery bag and hang it from the steel cables places across the front of the target area.




Rifle & Pistol Range

Range directions for both the Trap and Rifle & Pistol Ranges.

Here is a map showing the location of both the outdoor rifle and pistol range ( turn and head west at the A & W across from the health centre and at 

3km the road curves to the left. At the end of the road turn left and you are at the gate to the range. The Andy Wood Trap Range is east of town and 

then turn south on Hwy 827, we are about 1.5 km down you will see the range building and the Andrew Wood Sign at the gate. 

We also have our safety rules here and in our program guide.  Click on the picture to read a larger version and to download if desired. The Athabasca Gun

Club 2012 Shooting Program download on the bottom of the page.                           


(Click on either image to download a bigger copy and print it if you like.)

Rifle Range

The Rifle range has backstops at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards to let you set your rifle to your preferred distance.

(Click on any picture to enlarge)

 When you turn north at the A & W on Hwy 55 drive 2.9 Km and you will see this corner, go to the left.     




The Rifle range has a Covered shooting area in the event of  rain or snow and 7 shooting    stations.

Targets can be set up at standard distances of 15, 25, 50, 100 and 200 yard distances to get you tunes in   for the average hunting or target shot.

Pistol Range

 The pistol range has many shooting positions and gives you target stops at 15 and 25 yards. 


Having old carpet down on the ground really makes finding and picking your fired brass much easier.


Both ranges are usable approximately 7 to 8 months per year depending on weather. Having covered shooting areas is great if we get an afternoon shower and if need be you can always go into the clubhouse area.

Andrew Wood Trap & Skeet Range 

The trap range is a great locations with 4 different trap houses and 5 shooting positions for each house. A true please to shoot at with voice activated clay throwers. The facility has a clubhouse, covered shooters area and recreational parking area with power available for visitors at club shoots.


Here is the range clubhouse and our sign at the front gate on the highway as you drive by. You can't miss us.


Here is  trap house "1" with 5 shooting stations, a highway view &  a cross view of all 4 trap houses and positions. 

 (Click on any image for a larger view.)

Club Practice Times

 Trap Range-   Wednesday - After 5:00 PM  /    Sunday after 12:30 pm

Range Membership Information

Membership Fees are on an annual basis and are valid from January 1, to December 31 of each calendar year.

(Membership fees will be offered after September 1st, if you want to join at that time you can purchase the balance of the year at full price or pay 50% more and receive the balance of this year and the entire next season to reduce paperwork. (The choice is yours but a great deal.)

Individual and Family Memberships - Senior (Over 65) $60.00

General Membership $100.00

Lifetime Individual Memberships = $750 on January 1, 2019 / Senior Life $500.00

Family Plan: All members living at the same address = General Membership + $25.00 per additional member under the age of 18.

All over the age of 18 are required to purchase their own membership under their own name.

Effective Oct 28, 2014 - Corporate Membership - Subject to the following Fee Structure:

Small Business     1 - 5 people     $85.00 Per Member     $250 Minimum annual

Small Business     6 to 10 People     $80.00 Per Member     $480 Minimum Annual 

Small Business     11 to 25 People     $75.00 Per Member     $825 Minimum Annual

Medium Business     26 - 50 People     $70. Per Member     $1,885 Minimum Annual

Medium Business     51 to 100 People     $65.00 Per Member     $3,315 Minimum Annual

Large Business     101 - 150 People     $60.00 Per Member     $6,060 Minimum Annual

Large Business     151 - 250 People     $57.50 Per Member     $8682.50 Minimum Annual

Large Business     251 + People     $55.00 Per Member     $13,805 Minimum Annual

Corporate Membership Voting Privileges:

With respect to Voting Privileges on Athabasca Gun Club matters at any special or Annual General Meeting,

A corporate membership shall be considered to be one Vote and only one individual being the 

corporate account administrator or their duly assigned individual will be eligible to vote on range matters.

***For application see bottom of page under down loads.

Range Membership Insurance Coverage.

Most people don't know that a fair amount of their membership money goes towards insurance for the range premises.

We also pay as part of your membership  Liability Insurance through the National Firearms Association.

This coverage applies to all paid members and covers you for $5,000,000 of Commercial General Liability Insurance while engaged in the following:

* Legal Hunting Activities  * Legal Range Shooting Activities  * Legal Fishing Activities * Legal Re-enactment Activities * Legal Bow Hunting Activities 

* Legal Range Archery Activities  *  All NFA Sanctioned Activities.  *  Coverage Applies to the Above Activities anywhere in the World.

All Visitors to the range MUST BE REGISTERED and accompanied my a registered Member.

 A Daily fee of $10.00 must be submitted to extend the club insurance for that visitor.

For a copy and Full details of the Canadian National Firearms Association Insurance Click here INSURANCE

Up Coming Events  

Andy Wood Memorial - TBA


Oilman's Shoot - TBA


Ellis Crumb Memorial 400 - TBA


Club Trap Championship 300 - TBA


 *Perpetual Purse on the 3 Trap Shoots*


We offer  Free RV Electrical Hook ups to visiting competitors

Annual Fun Shoot information








Come out and enjoy the challenge of trap shooting. You can meet some of the local trap shooters and make some new friends.

A wise trap shooter once told me "Clay Pigeons are not hard to hit... they're just easier to miss."

He was right but if you don't try you will never know if your a natural,  or like most of us could   use a few tips from the guys who have been doing this for a while.

Come on out even if you would like to watch and cheer on your friends or family member. Fun for all in this friendly competition.


Officers of the Organization 2017


Officers of the Organization 2016

President  -  Billy Leschuck - 780-213-4251             

Vice President - Jim Stoetzel  -  Cell 780-499-1017

Past President  -  Bob Edgar - 780-675-3483  

Trap Range Coordinator - Jordy Dick - 780-675-3913

Rifle & Pistol Range Coordinator -- Jim Stoetzel - 780-499-1017 Cell ( texting is not long distance)  Secretary - Rob Reid - 780-675-2986

Treasurer - Lyle Reid - 780-675-4865

Membership - Contact Cheap Seats Sporting goods or mail to the address on the application form.

Directors of the Organization 2016


Dan Boehlke - 780-698-1111

Wes Burton - 780-689-9491

Roland Lord - 780-689-3817

Rob Minns - 780-675-2372

Jason Ralph  - 780-675-2401

Gary Tebb - 780-675-4502



Shooting Coordinators 

2016 - Program Editor 

All Program and shoot information will be on the website

2016 - Firearms Safety Instructors

Jim Stoetzel - 780-675-5850 or 780-689-1103 Cell

Brian Rudyk  - 780-675-2579

Greg Crossland - 780-675 5663

Downloads - Applications / Shooting Program

Click here for a copy our Annual Shooting Program & News Letter 

 Click here for a Current Range Membership applications

Please note memberships are discounted Eff. Sept 1 each year

 to 50% off but only if you purchase the next year at the same time.

Complete the downloaded form and Mail it to

Athabasca Gun Club,  P.O. Box 1923, Athabasca, Ab. T9S 2B5

Of Visit Cheapseats Sporting goods as they have memberships and day passes available at their store.

Click here to contact us  athabascagunclub@hotmail.com

If you want a good selection of downloadable targets click here to go to  downloadable targets compliments of the reload bench.com, enjoy.

Reloading Data On Line Click Here

Build some cool I.P.S.C. targets, Plans Here.

Here are some good shooting tips for handgun stance - HERE

Canadian Firearms Registry - 1-800-731-4000

Look HereHere,  and Here

Thanks for visiting our web site, see you at the range!